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Put Back Pain Behind You!

A weak lower back can lead to back pain, so here are 3 exercises that we’d recommend to keep lower back pain at bay.

GHD Lower Back Raise - the purpose here is to strengthen the hamstrings, glutes and lower back whilst being low impact. *TIP: you shouldn’t be hyper extending (going past horizontal) at the top of the movement.

Superman’s - whilst ‘drawing in’ here, you help to support your spine and create stability through your core. *TIP: think about keeping your heel, glutes, shoulders and hand in line at the top of the movement.

Rack Pull - this deadlift variation allows you to pull the bar in a more upright position, which alleviates pressure on the spine whilst helping to develop your pulling strength. *TIP: remember to create tension through your lats, and brace throughout the movement to create a solid and supported trunk.

*Always refer to a specialist if experiencing persistent pain and before undertaking a programme. We highly recommend our resident team @theprimepractice

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