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Looking to build muscle?

The upper/lower training split is a highly effective approach for muscle building. It divides your workouts into two main categories: upper body and lower body. Here's an example of how you could structure an upper/lower split:

Upper Body (twice per week):

A1. Chest exercises: Bench press, cable flys, push-ups. 4x6-8

A2. Back exercises: Pull-ups, rows, lat pulldowns. 4x6-8

B1. Shoulder exercises: Overhead press, lateral raises, rear delt flys. 3x8-10

C1. Bicep curl variations 3x10-12

C2. Tricep extension and press downs 3x10-12

Lower Body (twice per week):

A1. Quadriceps exercises: Squats, lunges, leg extensions . 4x6-8

A2.Hamstrings exercises: Romanian deadlifts, leg curls, glute ham raise. 4x6-8

B. Glutes exercises: Hip thrusts, leg press, step-ups. 3x8-10

C. Calves exercises: Calf raises, seated calf raises. 3x10-12

This split allows you to focus on different muscle groups while providing ample rest and recovery. It also enables you to incorporate compound movements and target specific areas using isolation exercises within each session. As always, progressive overload, proper nutrition, and consistency are key factors in maximising muscle growth with this training split.

Written by Karl Lucas

Personal Trainer at Optimum Fitness Tetbury

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